Spring Cleaning Service Canary Wharf E14

  Spring cleaning is a hourly based service – charged by the hour. Our cleaners come in and clean as much as they can for the time they have been booked. It is wise that the client should have a list of priorities for the cleaning. For example, cleaners start with the bathroom and if they have time, they clean the kitchen and the living room.

  This service is booked when the client needs some help with the cleaning, but doesn't need the guaranteed deep, top-to bottom cleaning.
  Depending on the size & condition of the property, we can recommend a number of cleaners for a number of hours. Provision of detergents and equipment is charged on top.

Spring cleaning service Canary Wharf

  Spring Cleaning Canary Wharf - Prices

 Spring Cleaning Prices Canary Wharf

One-off Cleaning

One-off Cleaning Prices Canary Wharf

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